Tools & Packages:

Tools & Packages related to the conference

Currently, there are no plans for organised exercises related to the 16th Harmonisation conference; however, certain tools are of considerable interest for the conference audience.

FAIRMODE related activities

In relation to the conference topic “Use of modelling in support of EU air quality directives, including FAIRMODE” it is relevant to note the availability of the so-called DELTA Tool for air quality model benchmarking. This tool has the home page http://aqm.jrc.ec.europa.eu/DELTA/index.htm. Information on FAIRMODE activities in general can be found through the FAIRMODE web site http://fairmode.ew.eea.europa.eu/

Model evaluation data sets and tools

At the conferences on Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes certain data sets have received particular attention in the past, notably in relation to work with the so-called Model Validation Kit.

In 2012, new and additional data for several classic tracer dispersion experiments were published. One of the concerned the data sets is the EPRI Kincaid dataset, which now comprises around the double amount of data compared to the data set previously applied generally in the modelling community.

Furthermore, other interesting data have been published such as new and additional data from EPRI Bull Run, Round Hill and Project Prairie Grass.

The person behind the efforts to make the data available is John Irwin, now retired from the US NOAA/EPA.
In connection with the 16th international Harmonisation conference, interested participants are encouraged to work with these data and report their findings at the conference.

Go to the page http://www.harmo.org/newclassicdatasets for further information, or directly to the site with the datasets, http://www.jsirwin.com/
Note that the Model Validation Kit and the Boot software package for model evaluation used at previous conferences are still available at the web site www.harmo.org/kit

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